We design and produce made-to-order mechatronics apparatus for your needs.

The Picks of Featured Products - Length Measuring Devices

  • Digital Long Caliper Digital Long Caliper: An easy handling is possible because of light weight. A precise measuring is possible for objects of over 2m length. The standard calipers can measure the length up to 4.7m. An aluminum shaft is used for the standard product and a carbon shaft is used for a special order product as an option.
  • Digital Precision Tape Measure Digital Precision Tape Measure: A high precision measuring is possible with 10μm resolution of the digital sensor. The standard tape measure can measure up to 15m. A special made-to-order product can measure up to 32m. The tape measure with a constant tension is optional.

Length Measurement Apparatus

The Picks of Featured Products - Mechatronics Apparatus

  • Electric Jack, Electric Actuator Electric Jack, Electric Actuator, Electric Cylinder, Electric Lifter: We produce a made-to-order electric jack which load capacity is from 10 kg to 25 tons. With a servo motor and a ball screw, we can provide a highly precise actuator.
  • Super Precision Table, Highly Precise XY Table High Precision Table, Highly Precise XY Table: We design and produce high precision tables that would be very hard to be produced by those manufactures from whom you may usually order to fulfill your requirements.
  • Microminiature Linear Motor, R(θ) Actuator Microminiature Linear Motor, R(θ) Actuator: The moving part includes a magnet, and the wiring is unnecessary in the moving portion. It makes the device more simple and smaller.
  • Small Winch Self-Locking Reducer, Small Winch, Rack Type Jack: We produce a self-locking reducer and a small winch, which is controlled by a servo motor, or by hand.

Mechatronics Apparatus

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