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Rack and pinion Jack
Rack and pinion Jack
Electric jack
Electric jack,
for power tower lift up

Electric powered jack. Electric actuator.

We can supply variety of jacks & actuator which are powered by electric motor which can be used as a lift and jack.
We can manufacture any type of jack and lift up to 100 tons duty.
We are capable to accept your any type of special requirements, Please contact us.

water power/pneumatic cylinder water power/pneumatic cylinder
water power
/ pneumatic cylinder
Multi-section telescopic pole
15m × 8 pipes
telescopic pipe

Lifts and high elevation pole.( Multi-section telescopic pole )

High elevation pole for a temporarily lifting, place camera and setting up measurement equipment are suitable application for this product.

Also heavy duty version, 50 tons lifting can be possible to produce which meet to use for workman who works on higher place.

Multi-stage telescopole, Motor Drive telescopic pole, lifting equipment

Reduction speed compact winch

Reduction speed compact winch.

For Vessel and Marine winch.

We can supply, watertight and rustproof ( made of stainless steel ) type.

Servo Winch and Miniature serve Winch

Servo Winch and Miniature serve Winch.

It can be controlled wire winding position and winding speed which provide self-lock speed reduction gear mechanism. Dram winding point are synchronized with wire winding pitch movement.

We are capable to design and produce your original requirements.

Small type Servo winch

Small type Servo winch.

  • selflock gear box.
  • speed position controlled by servomotor.
  • speed: 50~300mm/sec capacity 200kgf.
  • size: 250w × 200D × 270H.

Custom made special cylinder.

4-telescopic cylinder

3 pipe telescopic cylinder

cylinder with linear encoder

stroke 150mm × 4 cylinder round trip power
1. Telescopic pole.
  • Small size to Big size telescopic cylinder up to 8 sections.
  • Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic power.
2. Heavy duty telescopic cylinder.
  • Special coating plating (Bronz, chromium, zinc).
  • Pipe material: steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum.
  • Pneumatic, water hydronic power.
3. Variety of special custom made cylinders.

We are capable to design and produce any type of cylinders which meets your special requirements with short lead time.
Such as cylinder has a self positioning function, durable against high temperature, and/or durable against severe environmental conditions.
We produce cylinder with linear encoder position data output.

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