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Long length digital caliper

Long length digital caliper : CLZ pdf

The caliper allows to measure large size and/or long size objectives with higher accuracy. It can be durable against low expansion coefficient.
We can supply it which can measure up to 4.7 m length.

Body material :
Standard typeAluminum pipe
• option: data transfer by Bluetooth
Low expansion typeCarbon fiber pipe
Digital Tape measure

Digital Tape measure : MSZ pdf

The digital tape measure has an accuracy of less than 10 micro meters resolution and can transfer the measurement data by wire or wireless (Bluetooth) to other equipment.
We can supply it which can measure up to 3m to 32m measurement range.

Small digital tape measure

Small digital tape measure type MSZ-300mini

  • 0.01mm display, measure length 3m, 5m, ~10m
  • light weight 3m:500g, 5m:650g
Magnetic tape type rotary encoder

Magnetic tape type rotary encoder.

Magnetic length measurement and rotary encoder allow to use in a severe and tough environmental circumstances with high accuracy and stable measurement condition. We can supply positioning indicator also.
We can supply it which has maximum 1μm resolution.

Note : This system is only one which use magnetic tape direct measure without rotary encoder.

Magnetic digital displacement meter

Magnetic digital displacement meter(pick guge).

Three types of gauge are available :

  • Sensing unit with indication display.
  • Sensing unit and separate display.
  • Out put signal type.
Magnetic linear scale with sliding guide

Magnetic linear scale with sliding guide.

Available a long distance linear scale up to 2m, but we capable to design and manufacturing more long distance.
You can select displaying indicator and style of the signal output, even Bluetooth.

Electrostatic capacity displacement meter

Electrostatic capacity displacement meter.

Contactless displacement measurement by sensing static capacity difference.
It is suitable for measuring run out of the spindle, disk, table, HD drive, etc.
High resolution, high precision and high linearity.
High stable type 0.01%FS/℃ -30~100℃.
Special small probe can be designed on request.

Revolution/Revolution speed meter

Revolution/Revolution speed meter.

We supply with encoder or magnet ring and sensor.

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