Multi-stage telescopole, Motor Drive telescopic pole, lifting equipment


Electric Motor Drive Telescopole

Dedicated, we will design and manufacture special specifications. Please let us know the load weight, minimum and max height.

Multi-stage telescopole


  • Newly developed mechanical expansion simple and easy mechanics.
  • Compact motor drive with new developed telescopic poles.
  • Up and down, horizontal, ceiling hanging, all directions.
  • Made with Alunimium square pipes and compact and lightweight.
  • You can also drived by hand manual drive and battery-powered hand drill.

Application of vehicle-mounted use


Maximum load30Kg
Maximum height length15m
Feed speed15mm to 100mm/sec
Pipe type 10 steps: Elliptical fiberglass
8-stage: round, square aluminum


  • Lifting device: lighting, cameras, antennas, and measuring instruments.
  • For raising and hanging TVs, personal computers, speakers, projectors, and screens.
  • Use for photography, wireless communication, lighting, measurement, survey, observation, building equipment, etc.
  • * We develop, design and manufacture composite special products. (Up and down, Horizontal, Hanging)
  • * We also manufacture waterproof and corrosion-resistant products for ships, marines, and underwater.
  • * There is also a pneumatic and water pressure type telescopic pole.

Telescopic pipes expansion actuators / Telescopic lifting devices

  • Eco-friendly pneumatic and water hydraulic telescopic drive.
  • Square pipe, round aluminum pipe telescopole.
    Maximum height 30m.
  • There is also applicable ship/marine/undersea.
  • Water hydraulic, pneumatic and electric motor drive even servo motor drive.
Telescopic pipes expansion actuators

Telescopic poles applied for camera/antenna lifting device with height 12m position control

  • The winch with servo motor controls the height position and feed speed.
  • The self-locking mechanism reduce the motor load at the time of stop and saves energy.
12m height multi-poles expansion pole
12m height multi-poles expansion pole
When 2m is shortened
When 2m is shortened
  • The servo motor allows you to control the hight position and feed speed.
  • Shortend: 2m, Extension: 12m height
  • Expansion speed: 1m to 9m/min (16mm/s to 150mm/s)
  • Maximum load weight: 100Kg
  • Square pipe width: □163, 146, 130, 114, 99, 86 x 6 poles
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.3mm or less
  • Positioning device: Drum rotation control by servo winch and drum winding position synchronous traverse method.

Underwater expansion and constraction telescopic pole, underwater camera lifting device

  • It can also be suspended in the sea up to 30m deep.
  • Winding by underwater winch is possible.
  • Nuclear fuel pool, for lifting underwater cameras taken (see photo)
Underwater telescopic pole

Nuclear power plant fuel pool
Inspection camera hanging device under water
Specifications: maximum extension 7800, shortened length 2400, with turning table

telescopic pole

Used to measure radiation strongth dose at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Building No.2.
15m long, 10 steps Square pipe.

Ceiling hanging telescopic pole expansion and contraction camera / projector lifting device

  • Made of aluminum square pipe, it is a beautiful finished telescopic pole with anodized processing such as white, black, gold.
  • Electric wiring can be stored inside aluminum square pipe, and the appearance is clean.
  • Equipped with wiring winding device in the upper lifting drive unit (patent pending)
  • Application: Lifting of cameras, lighting, projectors, etc.
Example ) Ceiling hanging telescopic pole Example ) Ceiling hanging telescopic pole

Photo) Example of camera lifting at wedding venue
1700mm when shortened, 8300mm when extended, 6700 by telescopic pipe.
The optical cable signal line inside the pipe is wound without difficulty.

Water Hydraulic lifts for industry engineering and construction

  • Hydraulic type
  • Square pipe 5 steps 7m
  • Round pipe 9 steps 20m
  • Maximum load 100, 125kg
Hydraulic lifts for industry engineering and construction

New developed product - self-locking motor drive mechanical lifting telescopic poles

  • High load support by electric motor drive of 32 and 75 type screws.
  • Maximum load 800kg of 4500mm height 2000mm minimum height.
  • Maximum height 2000mm Shorter 900mm Stroke 1100mm Maximum load 2000kg.
  • We also manufacture 100kg/400kg loads using 20 and 25 type screws.
  • We developed 3 to 6 pipes telescopic device 2000 to 15000mm, max height as the table shows.
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